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Leek and lobster linguine Chef de Cuisine  |  2014-02-11
Fried salmon steaks with white wine sauce Chef de Cuisine  |  2016-04-13
Fillet of salmon with sorrel sauce Chef de Cuisine  |  2016-04-08
Creamed salmon casserole Chef de Cuisine  |  2016-04-09
Court bouillon Chef de Cuisine  |  2016-04-09
Chicken with portobello mushroom sauce Chef de Cuisine  |  2013-07-24
Chicken fricassée Chef de Cuisine  |  2013-07-17
Broiled pompano with noodles Chef de Cuisine  |  2014-03-16
Broiled fillets of salmon with green sauce Chef de Cuisine  |  2013-10-17
Broiled fillets of salmon with ginger cream Chef de Cuisine  |  2013-10-17

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