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Pompano recipes

pompano fish

Broiled pompano with noodles
Grilled pompano with tangy ginger sauce
Pompano almondine
Pompano captiva
Pompano meuniere
Pompano papillottes
Pompano with mango beurre blanc
Scallopines of pompano

Other names.
Cobblerfish, butterfish, palmenta.
The Florida pompano is the only commercially important species. It is a thin, deep-bodied fish with a deeply forked caudal tail and dorsal fins. It has a silvery body, shading to metallic blue above and golden yellow ventrally. Some experts contend that the Florida pompano is a member of the butterfish family rather than the Pacific or the California pompano family. Source. Commercial landings of Florida pompano occur from Virginia to Texas, but most of the United States catch is from Florida waters.
Availability fresh
Pompano are caught all year round but major fishing occurs in March, April, and May. Average weight. Ranges from 11/2 to 4 pounds (680 gr. to 1.8 kg).
Greenish gray on back, shading to silvery sides; fish in dark waters showing gold on throat, pelvic, and anal fins; deep flattened body with small mouth; no scutes.
Location and Habitat:
Despite it's name, the Floridia pompano occurs from Massachusetts to Brazil, including all the Gulf of Mexico. Pompanos are schooling fishes, favoring beaches with a good surf and high salinity. Along the northerly Gulf regions, pompanos are seasonal, and are ushered in by waves of migratory adults in early spring. These fish average about 2 lbs, taste great and offer a high price per pound of most marine fish in the continental United States.

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