Raspberry delight

  • Time
  • Yield Serves: 10 to 12


    1 cup flour
    1/2 cup butter
    3/4 cup brown sugar

    3 egg whites
    1 pgk (8 ounces) (300 g) raspberries in syrup, thawed
    1/2 cup sugar
    1 teaspoon vanilla
    1/2 pint whipped cream


    Mix the flour, butter and brown sugar in a mixing bowl to obtain a crumbled mixture
    Spread unto a baking pan.
    Bake in 350 degree oven, stirring often until golden brown. Press half of the crumb mixture in bottom of a 10-inch springform pan.

    In bowl of an electric stand mixer, combine egg whites, raspberries, sugar and vanilla.
    Whisk on medium speed until mixture is thick and fluffy, about 10 minutes.
    Fold in the whipped cream and spoon into pan.
    Level mixture with a spatula. Spread remaining crumb mixture over. Freeze for about 6 hours, or until firm.
    Serve with raspberry sauce.
    Recipe by Hanne Barter
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