Crême brulée

  • Time cooking time: 15-20 minutes total
  • Yield Serves 5


    2 cups heavy cream
    5 egg yolks
    1/2 cup sugar
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    1 cup pitted cherries, cooked *
    1/2 cup dark brown sugar


    Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
    In a medium saucepan, bring the cream to a boil.
    In a mixing bowl, beat the sugar and egg yolks until thick and creamy. Gradually stir in the cream. Pour into a saucepan with a thick bottom. Heat over low heat until thick while stirring continuously. DO NOT BOIL. Add vanilla and strain.
    Divide cherries evenly between 6 ramequin dishes. Pour custard into cups. Place cups with custard in a pan containing boiling water and bake until center of custard is medium firm. Cool at room temperature for an hour.
    Sprinkle brown sugar on top and place under the broiler to brown or use a torch to brown sugar. Serve cold.
    * I also use, stewed apricots and peaches for this rich dessert.
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