Frozen orange soufflés

  • Time cooking time: none
  • Yield serves 6


    3 medium oranges (tangelos or navels)
    1 1/2 pints vanilla ice cream
    6 ounces frozen concentrated orange juice
    1/2 cup orange marmalade


    Prepare the orange shells: Cut the oranges across in halves. Remove some of the pulp from the orange halves and cut a thin slice off the bottom to level shells. Fit the orange shells with a band of foil, doubled, to form a standing collar extending 1 1/2-inch above orange shells.
    In a mixing bowl, combine the ice cream and orange juice concentrate. Soften and mix well to combine. Fill the prepared orange shells, level with the foil.

    Freeze for 2 to 3 hours. Just before serving coat the top of each soufflé with orange marmalade. Remove the foil surrounding shells and serve.
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