Tomato tarte tatin

  • Time cooking time:
  • Yield Serves 4


    puff pastry
    tomato confit
    herbed goat cheese
    basil pesto sauce.


    Tomato Tarte Tatin

    which is puff pastry with tomato confit, herbed goat cheese, frisee, atop a swirl of basil pesto sauce.

    Although the combination of the cheese and puff pastry sounds a bit heavy, the dish actually came off surprisingly light.
    The dough was flaky and buttery...just kind of crumbled when poked with the fork, and the cheese was creamy and flavorful.
    I had originally been expecting freshly sliced tomatoes with the tarte, but when it was brought out I noticed that it was actually like stewed tomatoes (almost looked like a red sauce, with roasted tomato slices).

    Actually, when all of the elements combined in my mouth it tasted like a super gourmet pizza. The most interesting element on the plate, however, was the basil pesto. I took the pesto for granted as a garnish when I first saw the dish, but once I got a little taste, I couldn't seem to get enough. The pesto is very thin and almost looks watered-down, but the strength of flavor is unexpected and incredible. Such a miniscule element, but it really pulls the whole plate together.
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