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Baked chicken legs
Baked salmon fillet with basil sauce
Baked salmon in the swimming position
Braised beef short ribs
Braised blueback with white wine sauce
Braised salmon steaks with fennel and thyme
Broiled fillets of salmon with ginger cream
Broiled fillets of salmon with green sauce
Broiled pompano with noodles
Chicken breasts in vermouth
Chicken breasts piccata
Chicken breasts st. pierre
Chicken breasts veronique
Chicken breasts with wine and mustard
Chicken burgundy
Chicken fricassée
Chicken provencale
Chicken with portobello mushroom sauce
Creamed salmon casserole
Curried chicken breasts
Duck breasts with cherry-port sauce
Fillet of salmon with sorrel sauce
Fillets of salmon in potato crust
Fried salmon steaks with white wine sauce
Grilled pork chops with red onion marmalade
Jellied beef
Lamb shanks braised in red wine
Leek and lobster linguine
Leg of lamb in red wine sauce
Lemon chicken breast
Mussels mariniere
Old fashion beef stew
Pasta with summer vegetables
Penne in cream sauce and sausage
Pompano captiva
Pompano papillottes
Pompano with mango beurre blanc
Pork and winter squash stew
Pork tenderloin with raisin sauce
Provencale braised beef casserole
Roast tenderloin with mushroom onion and red wine sauce
Roast tenderloin with red wine shallot sauce
Roasted salmon with creamy endives
Rosemary chicken salad
Sauteed chicken breast with whole grain mustard and sage
Sesame chicken
Sherried chicken thighs
Steaks au poivre
Stir-fried chicken thighs
Tarragon roasted chicken

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