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Barbecued pork loin
Barbecued pork steaks
Beef satay
Berbere lentils (yemisir wot)
Braised leg of lamb cleopatra
Brochettes of lamb
Broiled gingered chicken
Broiled pacific salmon steaks with salsa butter
Chicken saute vinaigre
Chicken with coriander
Chickpea flour pizza crust recipe
Cod with vegetables and aioli sauce
Crown roast of lamb in a parmesan-sage crust
Fillets of salmon with roasted garlic
General tso's chicken
Greek salad with grilled shrimp
Grilled chicken pesto
Grilled pompano with tangy ginger sauce
Herb roasted leg of lamb
Honey- mustard pork roast
Honey-garlic chicken
Jellied beef
Lamb shanks braised in red wine
Lemon chicken breast
Oriental lemon chicken
Oven barbecued chicken
Pasta with summer vegetables
Quick pork cassoulet
Roast tenderloin with red wine shallot sauce
Roasted lamb rib eye with sweet garlic
Roasted rack of lamb provencale with ratatouille
Roasted turkey breast with barbecue sauce
Rollatines of chicken
Sautéed beef médaillons with artichokes and tomatoes
Sesame chicken
Sherried chicken thighs
Shrimp-tortellini pesto
Silk handkerchiefs with pesto
Spaghetti squash pesto with tomatoes
Spanish mussels
Spicy peanut chicken
Tandoori chicken
Texas chili and corn bread pudding

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Beef satay

By Chef de Cuisine

Serves: 4 | cooking time: 15-20 minutes

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