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Apple crêpes
Apple fritters with apricot sauce
Apple mousse grand marnier
Baba au rum
Banana soufflé
Black bottom pie
Blueberry-rum cobbler
Bread pudding with vanilla sauce
Caramel custard
Chiffon mincemeat pie
Chocolate bavarian cream pie
Chocolate creme caramel
Chocolate marquise with orange sauce
Chocolate soufflés
Cinnamon ice cream with satin cinnamon chocolate sauce
Cinnamon soufflé
Coconut cream pie
Coconut ice cream with mango sauce
Coffee bavarian cream
Coffee custards
Cranberry apple cobbler
Cranberry crepes
Crêpes suzette
Custard cream
French canadian trifle
Grand marnier soufflé
Irish coffee pie
Key lime pie
Lemon custard
Lemon pudding cake
Lemon souffles with macademia nut sauce
Meringues with ginger ice cream and chocolate
Orange mousse meringues
Peach cake pudding
Peach ice cream
Plum pudding
Prune ice cream with armagnac
Pumpkin-orange pie
Rhubarb cobbler
Rich vanilla ice cream
Souffléed crêpes with cointreau
Strawberry delight
Strawberry napoleons with caramel sauce
Vanilla custards

Baba au rum

By Chef de Cuisine

Serves: 6 | cooking time: 20-25 minutes

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