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Almond génoise
Apple cake with hot butterscotch sauce
Apple cheese crisp
Apple crêpes
Apple crunch
Apple herbert
Apple pie cragwood
Apple pudding
Apple sauce cake
Apple tart alsacienne
Apple-butterscotch pie
Apple-cranberry crisp with warm toffee sauce
Apricot frangipane tart
Apricot purses on a cloud
Baked pears
Blueberry gingerbread
Caramelized pear upside-down cake
Caramelized pear-cranberry strudel
Chocolate and raspberry fontaines
Chocolate banana cake
Chocolate cake for birthday cake
Chocolate cake nancy
Chocolate genoise
Chocolate Irish whiskey cake
Chocolate orange torte with raspberry coulis
Christmas mince pies
Cider apples
Country apple cake
Cranberry apple cobbler
Cream puffs
Double apple cake
Dutch apple pie
Easter bunny cake
English apple pudding with rum sauce
Figs tart
Flambeed bananas
Flamed apples
French apple tart
Fudge sauce
Gingerbread and cranberry torte
Irish mist brownies
Irish whiskey cake
Irish whiskey date cake
Lemon pound cake loaf
Lemon souffles with macademia nut sauce
Lemon squares
Lemon tart with walnut crust
Lime curd and almond tart
Meringue apple tart
Meringue baked apples
Nutty peach crisp
Orange cake 1
Orange soaked cake
Peach and cream dessert
Peach cake pudding
Peach cobbler #1
Peach crisp
Peanut butter coconut pudding
Pear tart tatin
Plum frangipane tart
Poppy seed chocolate torte
Raspberry delight
Raspberry pie
Rhubarb cobbler
Rhubarb crumb bars
Rhubarb pound cake
Rhubarb sponge pudding
Strawberry-topped lime mousse tart
Tarte tatin
Toffeed pears
Upside-down peach cake
Warm chocolate torte

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