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Almondine potatoes
Asparagus with morels and tarragon
Braised red cabbage
Broccoli au gratin
Broccoli cauliflower casserole
Broccoli cauliflower gratin
Broccoli rabe with parmesan cheese
Broccoli with garlic
Brussels Sprout and radicchio Slaw
Cauliflower melt
Celery root and mashed potatoes
Creamed spinach
Creamed spinach with mushrooms
Creamy cauliflower purée
Crisp potato eggplant tart
Croquette potatoes
Fried green tomatoes
Garlic flavored fiddleheads
Garlic roasted potatoes
Garlic-layered potatoes
Garlic-roasted potato skins
Gratin dauphinois
Green bean casserole
Herb roasted potatoes
Leek patties
Leeks au gratin
Marinated cauliflower
Mashed butternut squash
Onion parmesan gratin
Pasta with broccoli and garbanzo beans
Potato anna
Potato cake
Potato crepes
Potato galette
Potato macaire
Potato pancakes
Potatoes dauphine
Potatoes fondantes
Puree of celery root
Roasted acorn squash
Roasted asparagus
Roasted sweet potato stew with kale and freekeh
Sautéed fiddleheads with pancetta
Sauteed potatoes
Savoyarde potatoes
Southern-style collard greens
Spicy oven-roasted potatoes
Spinach patties deluxe
Steamed broccoli
Sweet onion risotto cakes
Tomatoes provencale
Warm brussels sprout salad
Wild rice with apricot and almond salad
Zucchini florentine
Zucchini pancakes

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