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  • 35 lunch appetizer Dishes

Artichoke pâté
Artichokes vinaigrette
Asparagus and spinach salad
Asparagus with lime
Asparagus with parma ham and roasted pepper coulis
Asparagus with truffle broth
Baked goat cheese with salad greens
Black bean and corn wonton appetizers
Broiled crab meltaways
Carpaccio of marinated salmon
Carrot soufflé
Carrot soufflé with parsley sauce
Cod fritters
Cold broccoli soup
Corn and jalapeno pancakes with tomato salsa
Eggplant and tomato with chevre
Eggplant papeton
Goat cheese gratin
Ham and cheese toast
Ham aspic with egg salad and avocado
Herbed spinach-ricotta srudel
Lima bean appetizer
Marinated goat cheese crostini
Mussel and scallop soup
Mussels in mustard sauce
Pumpkin and sweet garlic custards
Smoked salmon corncakes
Smoked salmon salad
Smoked salmon terrine
Smoked salmon with basil-dressed baby greens
spinach and chickpeas
Steamed mussels in white wine
Stuffed tomatoes with mussels
Summer salad
Vegetable ragout with parmesan and balsamic vinegar

  • 64 lunch Main Dishes

Asparagus strudel
Baked chicken legs
Baked cod greek-style
Belgian endive, ham, and cheese au gratin
Berbere lentils (yemisir wot)
Blackened chicken salad
Blue cheese and walnut soufflés
Bowtie pasta with shrimp and asparagus
Breaded Fish Fingers
Brochettes of salmon
Broiled fillets of salmon with ginger cream
Broiled fillets of salmon with green sauce
Broiled pacific salmon steaks with salsa butter
Broiled salmon fillets in a horseradish-ginger crust
Cheese jalapeño soufflé
Chicken and pasta salad with asparagus
Chicken fingers
Chicken salad with couscous
Chinese chicken tenders
Codfish cakes
Cold poached salmon steaks
Crab and lobster cakes with roasted red pepper coulis and dill cream
Deep-fried cod patties
Fillets of sole dieppoise
Fish and chips
Fried sesame drumsticks
Gnocchi with spinach and ricotta
Greek salad with grilled shrimp
Grilled salmon fillets with sun-dried tomatoes
Kale tabbouleh
Lemon grass fettuccini with seared shrimp and scallops
Linguine alla carbonara
Linguine primavera
Macaroni and cheese
Mussels mariniere
Nicoise orzo salad
Pasta fagioli
Pasta roll with three cheese
Pasta with summer vegetables
Polenta a la romaine
Pork tenderloin with balsamic-cranberry sauce
Potato gnocchi with lobster
Provencale salt cod and potato puree
Ramen burger
Salmon burgers
Salmon burgers with cole slaw
Salmon burgers with herb aĂŻoli
San remo pasta salad
Sherried chicken thighs
Shrimp-tortellini pesto
Silk handkerchiefs with pesto
Soft potato ravioli with truffle pan sauce
Spaghetti squash pesto with tomatoes
Spanish fish stew
Spanish mussels
Spicy seared lemon grass tofu
Stir-fried pork tenderloin
Sweet Potato Black Bean Burritos
Tomato confit and marinated tomatoes served on a crispy tart
Tomato pie with polenta crust

  • 31 lunch Side Dishes

Avocado Sashimi
Barley supper salad
Beet, frizzled leek and gorgonzola crostini
Boxty potato cakes
Broccoli cauliflower gratin
Broccoli stems cabbage slaw
Brussels Sprout and radicchio Slaw
Caramelized onion biscuits
Carrot bran muffins
Celery root and fennel slaw with green apple and manchego
Creamed spinach with mushrooms
Creamy polenta with gorgonzola
Fried green tomatoes
Herbed spinach-ricotta strudel
Kale and brussels sprout salad with walnuts, parmesan and lemon-mustard dressing
Mixed cabbage salad
Orzo salad with lemon and herb
Pasta with broccoli and garbanzo beans
Roasted tomato caprese salad
Shaved asparagus salad
Smoked salmon salad
Snow Pea, fennel and Enoki Mushroom Salad
Soft polenta
Steamed broccoli
Tomato aspic
Tuscan kale salad
Vegetable and herb orzo salad
Vidalia onion fritters
Wild rice, apricot and almond salad
Zucchini carpaccio salad
Zucchini pancakes

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