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  • 22 egg appetizer Dishes

Asparagus mimosa
Baked oysters with wild mushroom ragout
Carrot soufflé
Carrot soufflé with parsley sauce
Coconut shrimp with sweet chili sauce
Cod fritters
codfish acras
Corn and jalapeno pancakes with tomato salsa
Crispy salmon nuggets in kataifi crust
Eggplant and tomato with chevre
Eggplant caponata
Eggplant papeton
Ham aspic with egg salad and avocado
Herbed spinach-ricotta srudel
Poached eggs florentine
Potato latkes
Potato pancakes with smoked salmon and creme fraiche
Pumpkin and sweet garlic custards
Scrambled egg feuillete
Smoked salmon corncakes
Tamagoyaki - japanese rolled omelette
Vegetable latkes

  • 33 egg Main Dishes

Asian crab cakes
Baked salmon in the swimming position
Beer-batter cod fillets
Blue cheese and walnut soufflés
Braised blueback with white wine sauce
Cheese jalapeño soufflé
Chicken fingers
Chicken galantine
Chinese chicken wings
Codfish cakes
Corn bread pudding
Crab and lobster cakes with roasted red pepper coulis and dill cream
Croquettes of salmon with lemon-chive sauce
Deep-fried cod patties
Eggplant and lamb cake with a garlic jus
Fish and chips
Fried chicken
Fried chicken bites
Fried sesame drumsticks
Gnocchi with spinach and ricotta
Linguine alla carbonara
Oven pork chops
Oven-baked chicken wings
Parmesan polenta soufflé
Pasta roll with three cheese
Polenta a la romaine
Ramen burger
Silk handkerchiefs with pesto
Soft potato ravioli with truffle pan sauce
Soufflé renversé
Sweet Potato Black Bean Burritos
Turkey croquettes

  • 19 egg Side Dishes

  • 173 egg Dessert Dishes

Almond génoise
Almond sherry ice cream with honeyed figs
Angel food cake
Angel food cake alaska
Apple cake
Apple crêpes
Apple fritters with apricot sauce
Apricot soufflé
Armagnac ice cream
Baba au rum
Baked alaska snow balls
Banana bread
Banana cake
Banana cakes with rum sauce
Banana soufflé
Banana-blueberry nut bread
Bavarois maracudja
Bavarois turinoise
Black bottom pie
Black chocolate espresso cake
Blackberry mousse terrine
Blueberry cobbler
Blueberry cream cheese pie
Blueberry crême brûlée
Blueberry sour cream pie
Blueberry streusel cake
Blueberry supreme
Blueberry-lemon bundt cake
Bread pudding with vanilla sauce
Caramel custard
Chiffon mincemeat pie
Chocolate almond cake
Chocolate angel food cake
Chocolate bavarian cream pie
Chocolate bavaroise
Chocolate bourbon pecan pie
Chocolate cake nancy
Chocolate cake sheila
Chocolate creme caramel
Chocolate genoise
Chocolate marquise with orange sauce
Chocolate mocha soufflé
Chocolate mocha torte
Chocolate mousse
Chocolate mousse cake
Chocolate orange torte with raspberry coulis
Chocolate pâté
Chocolate pecan pie
Chocolate soufflés
Chocolate-mocha soufflé
Chocolate-raspberry soufflé
Choux pastry swans
Cinnamon ice cream with satin cinnamon chocolate sauce
Cinnamon soufflé
Clafoutis with cherries
Coconut cream pie
Coffee bavarian cream
Coffee custards
Country apple cake
Cranberry crepes
Cranberry eggnog cheesecake
Cranberry walnut pie
Cranberry walnut tart
Cream puffs
Creamy lemon custards
Creamy pumpkin pie
Crême brulée
Creme de menthe cheesecake
Crêpes suzette
Custard cream
Easter bunny cake
English apple pudding with rum sauce
Floating island
Florida key lime pie
French canadian trifle
Fresh ricotta
Frozen individual strawberry soufflés
Frozen lime cream pie
Frozen maple syrup mousse
Genoise cake with grand marnier berries and mascarpone whipped cream
Gingerbread and cranberry torte
Grand marnier orange mousse
Grand marnier soufflé
Grapefruit alaska
Grapefruit cheesecake
Honey lavender ice cream
Irish cream cheesecake
Irish mist brownies
Irish whiskey date cake
Jelly roll
Key lime pie
Key lime tart in sugar cookie crust
Lemon and lime squares with pistachio crust
Lemon bars
Lemon cheese cake
Lemon cream tart
Lemon custard
Lemon meringue ice cream pie
Lemon meringue pie
Lemon pound cake
Lemon pound cake loaf
Lemon pudding cake
Lemon snow pudding
Lemon soufflé glacé
Lemon squares
Lemon tart #1
Lemon tart #2
Lemon tart with walnut crust
Lemon trifle
Lemon yummy dessert
Light chocolate soufflés
Lime and coconut mousse tart
Lime chiffon cheese cake
Lime curd and almond tart
Lime tart with raspberry sauce
Luscious lemon mousse and passion
Mango soufflé
Maple almond roll
Maple walnut ice cream
Marbled pumpkin cheesecake
Marbled strawberry bombe
Mascarpone cheesecake
Meringue apple tart
Meringue baked apples
Meringue roulade with praline whipped cream
Meringues with ginger ice cream and chocolate
Oatmeal pie
Oeufs a la neige
Orange cake 1
Orange cake 2
Orange charlotte russe
Orange mousse
Orange mousse meringue pie
Orange mousse meringues
Orange parfait
Orange pound cake
Orange prune nut loaf
Orange sherbet
Orange soaked cake
Pamplemousse pie
Pecan pumpkin pie
Plum pudding
Poppy seed chocolate torte
Prune ice cream with armagnac
Prune soufflés
Prune whip
Pudding diplomate
Pumpkin pie
Pumpkin pie "pumpkin"
Raspberry creme brulee
Raspberry delight
Raspberry hazelnut praline soufflé glacé
raspberry mousse with apricot sauce
Rhubarb crumb bars
Rhubarb ice cream
Rhubarb pithiviers
Rhubarb sponge pudding
Rhubarb strawverry trifle
Rich vanilla ice cream
Souffléed crêpes with cointreau
Southern pecan pie
Spiced pumpkin bread
Strawberry bavarian
Strawberry cheese cake in macaroon crust
Strawberry delight
Streusel pumpkin bread
Tangerine soufflés
Trianon or Gâteau Royal
Valentine truffle cake
Vanilla custards
Warm chocolate torte

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