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Baked cod greek-style
Blackened chicken salad
Braised beef short ribs
Braised leg of lamb cleopatra
Broiled pacific salmon steaks with salsa butter
Caribbean salmon fillets en papillotte
Chicken breasts parma
Chicken florentine
Chicken fricassée
Chicken saute vinaigre
Curried lamb
Deviled chicken breasts
Easy beef stew
Greek salad with grilled shrimp
Greek-style pasta with shrimp
Grilled chicken pesto
Grilled salmon fillets with sun-dried tomatoes
Kale tabbouleh
Lamb stew
Leg of baby lamb nicoise
Linguine primavera
Mediterranean fillets of cod
Mussels marinara with linguine
Paella valenciana
Pasta roll with three cheese
Pasta with summer vegetables
Penne in cream sauce and sausage
Pork and winter squash stew
Pork chops parmigiana
Provencale braised beef casserole
Quick pork cassoulet
Rollatines of chicken
Salmon burgers
Scallopines of pompano
seafood with couscous
Shrimp-tortellini pesto
Soufflé renversé
Spaghetti bake
Spaghetti squash pesto with tomatoes
Spanish fish stew
Spanish mussels
Striped bass italienne
Stuffed chicken breasts
Stuffed pork chops with polenta and tomatoes
Summer corn and tomato pasta
Texas chili and corn bread pudding
Tomato confit and marinated tomatoes served on a crispy tart
Tomato phyllo tart
Tomato pie with polenta crust
Vegetarian chili

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By Chef de Cuisine

Serves: 6 | cooking time: 20-25 minutes total

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