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Barbecued pork loin
Beef satay
Beef strogonoff
Berbere lentils (yemisir wot)
Broiled Salmon With Sweet Corn and Barley Risotto
Chicken fricassée
Chicken in curried sauce
Chicken primavera
Chicken salad with couscous
Chicken strudel
Chicken with endive radicchio and balsamic vinegar glaze
Chicken with portobello mushroom sauce
Cod fillets orientale
Codfish cakes
Curried chicken and rice salad
Curried lamb
Easy beef stew
Eggplant and lamb cake with a garlic jus
Florentine lamb chops
Gaspe meat pie
Greek salad with grilled shrimp
Grilled pork chops with red onion marmalade
Holiday roasted turkey
Individual beef wellington
Jellied beef
Lamb stew
Leg of lamb in red wine sauce
Navarin of lamb with vegetables
Old fashion beef stew
Paella of mussels
Pissaladière Provençale
Pork and winter squash stew
Pork tenderloin with balsamic-cranberry sauce
Pork tenderloin with raisin sauce
Provencale braised beef casserole
Roast loin of pork with prunes
Roast tenderloin with mushroom onion and red wine sauce
Roasted cod with parma ham and fresh sage
Roasted lamb rib eye with sweet garlic
Roasted turkey breast with barbecue sauce
Rollatines of chicken
Salmon burgers with cole slaw
Shepherds pie
Spicy peanut chicken
Stir-fried chicken thighs
Stuffed chicken breasts
Stuffed chicken legs
Tarragon roasted chicken
Texas chili and corn bread pudding
Vegetarian chili

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