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Angel food cake
Apple au gratin with apricot
Apple betty
Apple blueberry crisp
Apple cake
Apple cake with hot butterscotch sauce
Apple cheese crisp
Apple cranberry crisp
Apple crunch
Apple mousse grand marnier
Apple pudding
Apple-cranberry crumble pie
Apple-oatmeal crisp with irish whiskey cream
Apricot crumble
Apricot frangipane tart
Apricot sorbet
Baked alaska snow balls
Baked pears
Banana cake
Banana cakes with rum sauce
Banana nut cake
Blackberry mousse terrine
Blueberry basic pie filling
Blueberry cobbler
Blueberry cream cheese pie
Blueberry crisp
Blueberry pie
Blueberry streusel cake
Blueberry streusel cake #2
Blueberry supreme
Caramel custard
Carrot cake
Champagne sorbet
Chocolate angel food cake
Chocolate cake sheila
Chocolate creme caramel
Chocolate mousse cake
Chocolate pecan pie
Chocolate pudding with coffee sauce
Chocolate raspberry pie
Chocolate sauce
Chocolate-orange sorbet
Christmas mince pies
Coconut ice cream with mango sauce
Country apple pie
Cranberry pear phyllo tart
Cranberry strawberry and raspberry crisp
Cranberry walnut cake
Cranberry walnut pie
Cranberry walnut tart
Crême brulée
Creme de menthe cheesecake
Custard cream
Dark apple spice cake
Double apple cake
Dutch apple pie
Easter bunny cake
Figs tart
Flambeed bananas
Flamed apples
Floating island
Fluffy strawberry sherbet
French apple tart
Fresh blueberry pie
Fresh ricotta
Fried banana wontons with custard sauce
Frozen lime cream pie
Fruit sorbet
Fudge sauce
Genoise cake with grand marnier berries and mascarpone whipped cream
Gingerbread and cranberry torte
Grapefruit alaska
Grapefruit fondue
Irish coffee pie
Irish cream cheesecake
Irish whiskey cake
Jelly-filled pears in puff pastry with caramel sauce
Key lime tart in sugar cookie crust
Kiwi sorbet
Lady fingers in pyjamas
Lemon and lime squares with pistachio crust
Lemon bars
Lemon cream tart
Lemon meringue pie
Lemon mousse
Lemon or lime mousse
Lemon pound cake
Lemon snow pudding
Lemon sorbet
Lemon sorbet in lemon shells
Lemon squares
Lemon tart #1
Lemon trifle
Lemon yummy dessert
Lemon-scented blueberry sauce
Lime mousse
Mango sorbet
Mango soufflé
Maple apple and bluebery crisp
Maple walnut ice cream
Meringue apple tart
Meringue baked apples
Meringue roulade with praline whipped cream
Meringues with ginger ice cream and chocolate
Oatmeal pie
Oeufs a la neige
Orange mousse
Orange mousse cake with grand marnier
Orange pound cake
Orange prune nut loaf
Orange sherbet
Pamplemousse pie
Peach cobbler #2
Peach crisp
Peach ice cream
Peach melba
Peanut butter coconut pudding
Pear and almond cream tart
Pear cake with walnut streusel
Plum frangipane tart
Plum pudding
Plum raspberry sorbet
Poached pears in red wine
Poached pears with spiced caramel sauce
Prune ice cream with armagnac
Prune kumquat sticky pudding with armagnac toffee sauce
Prune soufflés
Pudding diplomate
Pumpkin cheesecake
Pumpkin pie "pumpkin"
Raspberry creme brulee
Raspberry-apricot pie with hazelnut streusel topping
Rhubarb compote
Rhubarb crisp
Rhubarb crumb bars
Rhubarb ice cream
Rich vanilla ice cream
Souffléed crêpes with cointreau
Southern pecan pie
Spiced pumpkin bread
Spicy poached peaches
Strawberry daiquiri sorbet
Strawberry delight
Strawberry linzertorte
Strawberry napoleons with caramel sauce
Strawberry rhubarb crumble bars
Strawberry-orange sherbet
Streusel pumpkin bread
Tangerine jelly
Tangerine soufflés
Tarte tatin
Tofu coffee pudding
Vanilla custards
Watermelon sorbet
Wine jelly

Chipits cookies

By Chef de Cuisine

Makes about 6 dozen cookies | cooking time: 10 to 12 minutes

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