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Baked salmon in the swimming position
Belgian endive, ham, and cheese au gratin
Braised beef short ribs
Braised leg of lamb cleopatra
Broiled pompano with noodles
Caribbean salmon fillets en papillotte
Cheese jalapeño soufflé
Chicken burgundy
Chicken florentine
Chicken galantine
Chicken strudel
Cod fillets orientale
Cod with vegetables and aioli sauce
Coulibiac of salmon
Croquettes of salmon with lemon-chive sauce
Duck breasts with cherry-port sauce
Fiddleheads with morels and lobster
Fillet of salmon with sorrel sauce
Flounder with fiddleheads and red potatoes
Fried salmon steaks with white wine sauce
Gnocchi with spinach and ricotta
Herb roasted leg of lamb
Individual beef wellington
Jellied beef
Marinated cod fillet with corn pudding
Paella valenciana
Parmesan polenta soufflé
Pasta roll with three cheese
Phyllo wrapped chicken with mexican pesto
Pingree pasta
Pompano captiva
Provencale braised beef casserole
Rack of lamb with mushroom crust
Ramen burger
Roast leg of baby lamb beaumanière
Roast tenderloin with mushroom, onion and red wine sauce
Roasted cod with parma ham and fresh sage
Rollatines of chicken
Sauteed chicken breast with whole grain mustard and sage
Silk handkerchiefs with pesto
Smoked turkey
Soft potato ravioli with truffle pan sauce
Soufflé renversé
Steaks au poivre
Tomato confit and marinated tomatoes served on a crispy tart
Veal with fiddlehead and shiatake sauce

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Apple mousse grand marnier
Apple pie cragwood
Apple strudel with cranberry sauce
Apple tart alsacienne
Apricot frangipane tart
Apricot soufflé
Baba au rum
Chocolate and raspberry fontaines
Chocolate mocha soufflé
Chocolate mocha torte
Chocolate soufflés
Cinnamon soufflé
Cranberry pear phyllo tart
Dark apple spice cake
Grand marnier orange mousse
Grand marnier soufflé
Jelly-filled pears in puff pastry with caramel sauce
Lemon yummy dessert
Lime and coconut mousse tart
Mascarpone cheesecake
Meringue roulade with praline whipped cream
Oeufs a la neige
Orange charlotte russe
Orange mousse cake with grand marnier
Orange mousse meringues
Orange parfait
Orange pound cake
Orange raisin cake
Peach melba
Pear cake with walnut streusel
Prune soufflés
Pudding diplomate
Strawberry cheese cake in macaroon crust
Strawberry linzertorte
Strawberry mousse cake
Strawberry napoleons with caramel sauce
Strawberry purses
Strawberry-topped lime mousse tart
Tarte tatin
Trianon or Gâteau Royal

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