The blood orange is a hybrid that first appeared in Europe in the early 1850. They were brought to North America by Spanish and Italian immigrants.

The flesh of the blood orange is a red, purple or burgundy. Some varieties are slightly oval in shape. Blood oranges have a subtle taste of raspberries.
Two varieties, the Ruby red and the Moro, are grown in California and Florida. In Europe, several varieties are cultivated in Spain, Israel, and Italy.
Blood oranges are available from December through May.

Selection and storage:
Select blood oranges that are firm and heavy for their size, as they will be the juiciest. The skin of the blood orange may be tinged with red. The skin surface is either smooth or pitted. Store blood oranges in the refrigerator fro up to a week.
Cooking tips:
The color of the blood oranges varies and are especially attractive as a garnish or in a variety of salads.

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