Buddha's Hand / Fingered Citron

This citron variety is known as the Budda's hand Citron, Buddha's hand , or Fingered Citron.
It is one of the oldest citrus fruits and is more commonly known as the fingered citron.
It has a lemony perfume and is used to flavor liqueurs, vermouth, and for medicinal purposes.

The hand has been used in China and Japan for perfuming rooms and clothing and has been used as an ornament, as well as in religious ceremonies.
The peel is processed in brine and pressed to extract citron oil, used to flavor liqueurs and to scent cosmetics.
It is also cultivated for its fragrant rind, which is used to flavor dishes, is candied or is turned into marmalade.

Buddha's Hands are available in large supermarkets in the winter months. They will keep for about two weeks at room temperature.
The flesh is not juicy.

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