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Basic vinaigrette
Balsamic thyme vinaigrette
Blue cheese dressing
Blue cheese vinaigrette
Ceasar dressing
Creamy blue cheese dressing
Fresh herb vinaigrette
Fruit salad dressing
Green goddess dressing
Italian dressing
Lemon vinaigrette
My salad dressing
Red wine basil vinaigrette
Thousand island dressing
Vinaigrette for asparagus
Vinaigrette for bean salad
Yogurt sesame dressing

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There are really very few rules for what defines a salad.
It can be either hot or cold. It is not the lettuce. Many salads do not have lettuce, however most salads have dressing.
The selection of salad ingredients should be dependent upon the seasons. In the winter it could be roasted beets with goat cheese and pine nuts, and in the summer, asparagus Mimosa, figs and fennel for fall.
The feature I really like about salads is that it allows to be sponteneous and creative.

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