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Serves 6

1 ounce butter 6 shallots, finely diced
3 garlic cloves, finely minced
4 ounces mushrooms, cut in julienne
1 cup dry white wine
1/2 chili pepper, chopped
1 cup heavy cream
to taste salt and pepper
3 medium tomatoes
1 1/2 pounds fettuccine
2 quarts chicken stock
3 ounces smoked salmon, slivered
1/2 cup fresh basil


In a large skillet, melt the butter. Add the shallots, garlic, and mushrooms. Stir for one minute. Add the white wine. Boil to reduce by half. Blend in the chili pepper and cream. Reduce by half. Season with salt and ground pepper. Remove from heat.
Dip fresh tomatoes in boiling water fro 30 seconds. Transfer to ice cold water. Peel the tomatoes, cut in halves, and squeeze the tomato halves by hand to remove the seeds. Cut into strips and mix in the sauce.
Cook the pasta al dente in the boiling chicken stock, according to directions on package.
Drain (do not rinse). Just before serving, cut the fresh basil into a fine julienne.
Place the pasta in the center of each warm plate. Sprinkle with slivered salmon and basil over the top. Do not overheat the salmon.

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