Let's Talk Turkey:


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w How to cook turkey and stuffing safely?
w Timetable for roasting turkey.
w Is a tom turkey less tender than a hen?
w How long can a whole turkey be kept frozen?
w What size bird should I buy?
w What's the best way to thaw a turkey?
w I need my turkey today, and it's not completely thawed. What can I do?
w How can I get a beautiful golden brown turkey without drying out the breast meat?
w Do I need to baste a turkey while it's cooking?
w How do I know when my turkey is really done? Can I trust the pop-up timer?
w How can I be sure my thermometer is accurate?l
w Why do recipes say to let a roasted turkey stand 15 to 20 minutes before carving?
w How do I skim fat from pan drippings?
w I have lots of turkey and stuffing left over. What do I do with it?
w Can I roast a turkey overnight in an oven set at a low temperature?
w How long can I keep leftover gravy?

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